We have flexible structure of fees, depending on your demand and required scale.

Please contact us and tell your need, to which we propose the best solution as well as the most suitable cost reduction.

We are also providing cheaper phone lines whose cost is charged per second. In combination of reasonable system costs and call charge, we help you to achieve satisfactory cost efficiency.

Cost Benefit Evaluation No.1

Sample Price Of Package

Cloud Type Installment

30 seats licences

Initial cost: From JPY 300,000~ (CTI Initial Setup, Initial Training)
Monthly Running Cost From JPY 450,000~ (30 Seats Licences)
Minimum amount of lisence is for 10 seats.
We offer discount on scale or contract period. For detail please contact us.


On-Premise Type Installment

10 Seats Licences (One Time Pay)

Initial cost: From JPY 10,000,000~ (10 Seats Licences. Server Installment, CTI Initial Setup, Initial Training
Monthly running cost: * Free (* Charge is applicable based on support menu)
We offer discount for large scale.
Easy payment is also applicable. For detail please contact us.
Case Studies






Case (1) Firm A - Operating 50 seats licences call center with Cloud System

Previous Monthly Running Cost

License Cost JPY 600,000  
Phone line Cost JPY 200,000  
Total JPY 800,000  

AmeyoJ Expected Monthly Running Cost

License Cost JPY 500,000 (Discount on scale is applied)
Phone line Cost: JPY 150,000 (Using our lines)
Total JPY 650,000 (Around 20% cost reduction)


Case (2) Firm B - Newly Installing 70 seats licences On-premise System (One Time Pay)

Normal Case

Average system installment cost for this scale JPY 70,000,000  

AmeyoJ Installment Cost

License Cost: JPY 45,000,000 (Discount on scale is applied)
Hardware Cost: JPY   5,000,000 (Servers, UPS and Others)
Total: JPY 50,000,000 (Around 30% initial cost reduction)


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