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For Management


You can grasp how your call center and campaign are going at a glance. Snoop, barge and whisper function is also available and you can operate remotely under internet environment.

Outlook of entire center is provided to all staffs, whom can take their best action regarding the situation.

You can reports of operation, customer response and campaign, designing the range of period, target, etc.

All talks both of inbound and outbound are recorded and you can extract any part.

Customer data, call log and status, comment and instruction by predecessor are managed on system. These information can be shared among multipul centers.

Existing customer data can be uploaded by CSV format.


For Inbound


Calls are automatically distributed based on operators availability, skill, call phone number and other rules.

Automatic voice response covers overflow calls and outside office hour. In combination with DTMF (Tone signal), you can lead customers to designed menus.

Customer data and previous corresponding are automatically popped up on displays.

For Outbound


You can design a list of phone numbers to which outbound call is not applied through campaign or whole operation.

All Features