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Name Summary

Self Service IVR A well-scripted IVR enable customer to handle their simple operation over phone, such as Pay bills, online reservation or spefic account Information. Key benefit of self-service IVR is to automate the simple repititive calls, allowing operator to handle more interesting, varied and complex calls.

DTMF Input Enables customer to choose their selection during the call via keypad. Ex: Language selection or service feedback survey during IVR.

DB Integration DB Integration enable customer to access their data without having to speak to an operator. Ex: Upon dialing customer get prompted to enter their tracking number. The information will then be gathered, looked up in a database, and tracking status played back to the customer.

Voicemail Enables customer to leave voicemail in case of experiencing long operator waiting or after office hours in IVR.

IVR Callback In IVR, customer can be given the option to wait in the queue, choose an automated service, or request a callback.

SMS IVR can send confirmation SMS to Incoming call customer after call completes. Ex: Online hotel booking confirmation greeting.

Out Of Office Hour IVR Built-in function that checks the office hours set by Supervisor/IT staff and route the customer calls to Voicemail or so accordingly.

Agent Assisted IVR Maximise the operator and call performance by playing pre-recorded voice to customer, managed by operator through their CRM.