AmeyoJ is an all-in-one communication suite for Contact Centers and Enterprises offering next-generation information and communications management capabilities including ACD, IP-PBX, CTI, IVR, Predictive dialer, Voice Logger, Unified Presence, Sales Management, Customer Care, and Reporting. The SOA and MDA-based platform allows easy creation of new capabilities for Communications-centric enterprises as they grow with respect to their process and workflow requirements.

You get complete inbound and outbound capabilities including Predictive Dialer, ACD and IVR system, Voice Logger, and pre-integrated database, CRM and reporting capabilities. Some other capabilities that AmeyoJ adds to your business

infrastructure include:

  • Remote System Access
  • Converged Network
  • Multi Channel Support
  • Rapid Application Deployment
  • High Availability
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Critical Process Duplication
  • Duplicated Communication Path
  • Fully Redundant/Secure Solution

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You can have anywhere from 5-10000 agents on a single setup.
We are equally adept with both. We have deployed our solution at both, VoIP, as well as TDM, based contact centers.
Since AmeyoJ offers advanced CRM and reporting capabilities, you do not need to buy any additional software components offering you the same capabilities. Our solution comes with Postgresql database, so you do not need to purchase an additional database either. However, should you choose to purchase a third-party product (database, CRM) or software, we will integrate our solution with it.

We are compatible with most vendors. Some of them are Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Digium, AudioCodes, Snom, Sangoma, Hitachi, Polycom, Aastra, among dozen others. We also integrate with other products as per our clients' requirements. Do you work with standard servers, or do I need to purchase high-end Solaris machines, expensive IP Phones, etc? Our solution works seamlessly with all servers. We will empower you to cut back your hardware investments by up to 70% with use of standard equipment like P4 servers, soft phones, etc.

Yes, the entire installation and configuration can be done via the internet.

AmeyoJ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Module allows handling of large call volumes, as well as creation of complex call flows. The IVR/ACD modules enable self and assisted service for query/dispute resolution, transaction processing, pin retrieval, password/pin generation etc. For the self-service operations, AmeyoJ’s IVR module provides for Text-to-speech (TTS) integration, Automatic speech recognition (ASR) integration, database integration, scripting capabilities, 100% blind recording (with compression and multimedia operations), and E-mail/SMS/Fax integration.

TTS and ASR are interactive services that “speak” to the caller depending on the input, and automate many functions that take up a Customer Service Representative’s (CSRs) valuable time. For the self-service operations, AMEYO's IVR module provides for Text-to-speech (TTS) integration, Automatic speech recognition (ASR) integration, database integration, scripting capabilities, 100% blind recording (with compression and multimedia operations), and Email/ SMS/Fax integration. TTS and ASR are interactive services that “speak” to the caller depending on the input, and automate many functions that take up a Customer Service Representative's (CSRs) valuable time. The Text-to-Speech (TTS) ability allows you to convert normal language into speech. ASR or Automatic Speech Recognition has become a highly popular tool especially for authentication of users for various secure processes, infoline IVRs where the customer can directly ask for the information they are looking for and the system is intelligent enough to recognize their speech and provide relevant information.

With AmeyoJ Outbound Dialer, calls can be made in preview, predictive, progressive, manual and automatic modes. IVR-enabled calls or Broadcast calls can also be thrown using the dialer. User can specify call-retry limit, call pacing ratio and dropped calls limit. With Policy based calling, user can make calls based on specific business rules or policies viz. geography, age group, gender, targeted group etc. Moreover, blending of outbound calls with inbound calls, and incorporating least cost routing is also possible with AmeyoJ Dialer. Campaign Management is fun with AmeyoJ Dialer. User can create, modify, and delete multiple new campaigns, assign multiple users to single campaign, configure campaign parameters like call pacing ratio, and view multiple campaigns from a single, unified window.

AmeyoJ dialer component is powered by state-of-the-art Learnsys algorithm that has proven to increase live call connects. With the dynamic call pacing, the dialer eliminates busy or unreachable calls, wrong numbers, Answering Machines, FAX tones and only connects live humans to agents, thereby improving productivity drastically. Dynamic call pacing automatically adjusts the simultaneous calls on agent and trunk side, so as to minimize idle time and call abandons, and maximize occupancy rates of the agent. Besides this, our latest innovation AmeyoJ PACE can further add up to 30% of productivity to your outbound campaigns. To know more please go to our Products Section.

A predictive dialer is a computerized system that automatically dials batches of telephone numbers for connection to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns. Predictive dialers are widely used in call centers. Predictive dialer eliminates calls that are not connected to a live person and are responded to by devices such as FAX, Answering Machines, SIT – Specific messages usually from the carrier side, such as numbers out of use, etc.

CTI or Computer Telephony Integration allows for screen-pops with customer information available to agent prior to the call connection with the customer. The CRM lists all relevant fields to the agent so that the customer can be serviced in the fastest time possible. The workbench also allows the user to transfer the call to another party, put the caller on hold, and dispose the call accordingly. AmeyoJ’s integrated CTI capabilities allow agents to view the customer information via screen pops and perform context-based actions depending on the outcome of the interaction. The IP-based technology can seamlessly pass the data between various telephony and application components leading to faster call dispositions and more automation for users. AmeyoJ capability feature to be provisioned as per end user requirement and integrated with existing setups, underlying DB The system supports most of CTI applications like screen pop-ups, DNIS, ANI.

For quality and training purposes, AmeyoJ is also equipped with an inbuilt voice logger that records all calls (as configured) to be scanned later for useful quality and performance data. AmeyoJ Voice Logger pre-compresses the voice logs to lower storage requirements, and also archives earmarked or old calls. Automatic and backup management further free up administration’s bandwidth to perform other activities than manually backing up all voice records. Moreover, the quality teams can also listen to voice records from the console or a web-browser (remote access) with various multimedia operations. The system currently supports mp3, VOX, ALAW and is extensible with mixer with codec plug-in support.

AmeyoJ empowers users across levels to keep track of workforce and fully utilize quality monitoring and supervision capabilities in a virtualized environment. With a unified interface, it is very convenient to achieve holistic view of thousands of users in real time across contact centers, processes and campaigns. Whether it is viewing selective work groups, organization units, contact centers or specific campaigns, managers can view relevant details – both historical as well as real-time trends - in a graphical interface.

AmeyoJ’s pre-integrated cradle-to-grave reporting empowers you to design and generate business-oriented comprehensive reports relative to agent performance, campaign productivity, call details, call history, user session, workforce and system. Both real-time and historical data can be included in the reports that can be accessed remotely using a browser. The system also performs automatic maintenance and backup management. AmeyoJ’s report designer is a useful tool to create custom reports as per the requirements of specific departments, processes or users.

AmeyoJ is designed in such a way as to easily integrate with legacy and current 3rd party system like PBX’s, CRM solutions etc.

AmeyoJ's integrated solution offering with end user requirement deliverance enables call control capability to provide troubleshooting and traces to help troubleshooting any problem.

AmeyoJ capability feature provides pre-routing and post-routing functionalities. An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), the telephone facility that manages incoming calls and handles them based on the number called and an associated database of handling instructions/routing policies. The companies offering transport service support use ACDs to validate callers, to make outgoing responses or calls, forward calls to the right party, allow callers to record messages, gather usage statistics, balance the use of phone lines, and provide other services. ACDs often provide some form of Automatic Customer/Caller Identification (ACIS) such as that provided by Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), or Automatic Number Identification (ANI). The routing engine works on the concept of skills categories. An agent may have zero or many skills within a category. Each skill an agent has receives a value indicating the proficiency the agent has in that skill.

AmeyoJ's integrated solution offering with end user requirement deliverance supports inherited security features. The solution supports host-based software level security through host intrusion prevention solution in order to prevent potentially known and unknown ("Day Zero") security risks. The host based intrusion detection will be installed on all IPCC servers. The contact management and call routing supports security template, local and group security policy, SSL (X.509 certificate), IPSec, and Host based intrusion prevention, AV, Firewall. The call control supports the security features such as device authentication X.509v3 certificate, CAPF.

AmeyoJ follows the multi-tier data access approach to enable multi-layer security. Database Layer: This contains the raw data and is not exposed to any other services except for the next application layer Application Layer: Consist of various AmeyoJ applications like ACD, CRM, Dialer, Management, Reporting each of which follows a strict security policy to ensure authentication, authorization and secrecy.

AmeyoJ provides a flexible and pluggable authentication module which can be used to provide authentication based on various approaches including CHAP, Username/Password, Kerberos etc. Username password based authentication is however deployed by default.

AmeyoJ provides roles based authorization. All authenticated users are associated with an authorization domain which provides then access to functionality defined by the role/authorization domain.

Default roles supported in the system are:

  • IT Management:
    Can create new users, assign roles, manage database, OS, manager reports and perform other IT related tasks
  • Manager:
    Can create new campaigns, manage telephony configuration.
  • Supervisor:
    Can monitor the performance of a campaign, ensure quality, listen and manage voice-logs, extract and verify reports
  • Analyst:
    Lice quality monitoring of agents, voice log listening
  • Agent:
    Entertains customer calls, enter data into CRM

AmeyoJ supports encrypted data exchange between client machines and AmeyoJ server to ensure higher level of security. All modules including the Application server, management server, reporting server can be configured to be accessed via only Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which uses RSA encryption and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This provides protection from packet sniffing and eves-dropping. AmeyoJ's integrated solution offering supports voice encryption and decryption fully.

AmeyoJ servers run on Linux Operating System and Java both of which have established themselves as high security solutions. AmeyoJ harnesses Linux security features to fullest by customizing and configuring Linux as per needs. All the processes including Database, Application servers etc are run as AmeyoJ user. No processes are run as root. Access to other users on the system is limited and monitored. The multi-tenant architecture with DB partitioning allows complete secure information management for tenants. These clients are partitioned in a manner that prevents one from impacting another's operations or accessing another's information. The system is designed from the ground up to isolate the operations and data of each user from each other but share the infrastructure for lower costs and higher reliability.