About Company

MyntraDesigns Pvt. Ltd. Was started by a group of IIT / IIM graduates in 2007. It is headquartered in Bangalore with regional offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai and has been funded by top tier Venture Capital funds.



Customer Comments

“Being a leader in the online fashion and lifestyle space in India, Myntra has empowered consumers to look good by bringing fashion closer to them. Enhancing customer satisfaction and providing faster delivery of consumer goods are some of our brand promises. For this, we needed a solution that could provide process automation and enhance our potential to reach out to new customers, while ensuring customer retention. Ameyo Communications Suite was chosen among others as the most reliable solution to effectively manage our operations”


Mohit Mital, VP
Customer Experience


Case Studies

Business Challenges

Myntra's customer interactions are multi-directional, as in the form of enquiries, bookings, reaching out to customers through rigorous telemarketing as well as collecting feedbacks. The various challenges that they faced while managing such extensive network of interactions were

  • Unable to handle the increase in the volume of call traffic
  • Mass reach-out was becoming difficult due to technical glitches
  • Low business productivity
  • Deteriorating levels of customer satisfaction

As an e-commerce business the 'mantra of Myntra' is to create “everlasting customer experiences”, and Myntra needed to replace its legacy business applications with a more efficient solution to support its back-end contact center operations.Myntra was searching for a customer interactions management tool in order to address to the following needs:

  • Reuse of existing business applications in order to eliminate redundancy of applications
  • A solution that could map to its dynamic business processes
  • Coordination between their online portal and customer support center
  • Effective management of the incoming call traffic

Solution Delivered

After a successful stint in understanding the needs of an e-commerce business, Drishti's Ameyo e.Biz was deployed at Myntra to provide a unified window for interactions management and empowering the latter to deliver superior customer experience management. Ameyo e.Biz integrated the entire business processes on to a single platform that measured,analyzed and delivered seamlessly

Details of the solution delivered:

・Easy integration with existing business apparatus
The solution seamlessly integrated with existing business application, enabling Myntra to record and track customers' history. This helped Myntra to keep a close watch on the repeat customers and connecting them to the right agent, henceforth creating a lasting impression upon the customers.
・Adaptability to process changes
Ameyo e.Biz, being scalable and reliable software could easily adapt to the changing trends of Myntra's business processes, like an increase in the number of agents. Besides having the ability to accept changes,Ameyo e.Biz saved both time and money.
・Better customer-connects
By creating an effective network of channels, the solution ensured an interlinking of the website and the support center, leading to enhanced customer-connects without any technical errors
・Self and Assisted IVRS
Ameyo e.Biz IVR system smoothly managed the incoming calls by addressing the customers with pre-recorded messages, additional messages on special occasions, informing about attractive and discounted deals and hampers and finally routing the calls to an available agent, in case a customer's query remains unresolved.This ensured first call query-resolution for Myntra.

Results and Benefits

  • Myntra achieved excellent customer interaction management
  • Combining low cost with high quality delivery and embracing process maturity,Ameyo e.Biz beat leading industry competitors
  • Proved to be an innovative and unmatched value proposition
  • Helped Myntra in innovating around their contact center strategy and deliver consistent user experience
  • Automation of entire business processes, with no falling back upon manual interventions,the solution enabled Myntra to setup a customer support center with 24x7 availability
  • Ameyo e.Biz proved to be the right platform and helped Myntra achieve a significant increase in business productivity
  • With Ameyo e.Biz powering their operations, Myntra is now looking forward to expanding their business


Case Studies