Bank Bazaar

About Company is an online marketplace for financial products in India, where one can instantly get free and customized interest rate quotes for personal, home & car loans and credit cards from India's leading banks/NBFCs & apply online. Their goal is to make it easy for everyone to get a great deal on a loan or an insurance product. One can easily compare the total costs of the loan of fers on and get access to unbiased customers' ratings of financial institutions. The online portal offers a number of options, making it easy for consumers to take a well-informed decision when choosing a product.



Customer Comments

“BankBazaar is the leading market place for loans in India. Apart from that we also power the online loan platform for the top four private banks in India. Being a customer-focused and technology-driven company our rapid scaling needed innovative ways to reduce the customer response time. Ameyo helped us expedite our business process with a customized solution. The technical team was very supportive both in the initial implementation and in day-to-day operations”


Munish Sivagurunath
VP Engineering


Case Studies

Business Challenges

The online platform of BankBazaar clicks with the customers due to their comprehensive services. Much of it can be accredited to the latest technology that the team implies at the back-end. With business expansions, BankBazaar wanted to upgrade their customer interface as well. The foremost challenge was to add efficiency while ensuring superior service to the customers. The existing processflow needed consolidation to match the increasing call traffic. Some of the base problems included:

  • No logging of day-to-day interactions
  • Handling of multiple customers by single advisor
  • Increasing number of call drops
  • Suffering from hampered productivity and business downtime
  • No way to recover lost database

Being a leading player in the e-finance domain, BankBazaar wanted to ensure optimum customer experience. Their existing technology was unable to effectively handle the call influx. It was also rigid towards the required capability and feature updates as per business expansion. The rising needs that forced BankBazaar to look for a more robust and efficient technology tool were:

  • Effective handling of increased customer call volumes
  • Preferred agent routing of customer calls
  • An interface to create and keep record of customer profiles
  • Priority given to repeat priority queue management
  • A solution that would not alter the pre-defined rules of their workflow
  • Platform to integrate the web-visitors to the customer support center
  • Single window connect between customer, agent and various financialinstitutions
  • Better management and hence optimization of contact center operations

Solution Delivered

Powering the call center operations of some of the leading e-commerce businesses, Drishti's Ameyo became the technology of choice for BankBazaar. Ameyo helped them establish efficient customer support operations to manage their business interactions

Details of the solution delivered

Uniform call distribution
The solution provided an intelligent ACD, which enabled BankBazaar handle the customers in a more appropriate manner by ensuring that the right skilled agent talks to a priority customer. It therefore enabled 'queue priority management', a necessity for BankBazaar, considering the need to ensure repeat customers.
Instant customer information
CRM allowed screen pops for ready customer information which enabled agents to address to queries in an improved manner which gave way to a better and faster customer query resolution.
Web integration with customer support center
An option of 'click to connect' was provided that established a live multi-party conference platform where the customer could enquire/ compare the loan products offered by different financial institutions and make a more informed decision.
Bird's eye view of business operations
With live monitoring and supervision tools, Bank bazaar was empowered with a 360 degree view of the entire operations taking place across multiple sites. The solution integrated all the back-end applications and consolidated them under a single roof for transparency in business interactions.

Results and Benefits

  • Reduced customer response time
  • Greater consumer satisfaction and retention
  • Increased productivity, better call management per advisor
  • Able to identify repeat customers for better query resolution
  • A bird's eye view of all business operations with no scope of error


Case Studies