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Name Summary

Break Reason This helps to record their total break hours whenever an operatos select desired break on their terminal, such as Lunch / Meeting / Training.

Auto Answer Operator can set their terminal to Auto-Answer which pick-up the call automatically.

Hold Operator can put customer on Hold during the call.

Transfer To User Operator can transfer their call to another operator.

Transfer To Team Call can also be transferred to a group of operator where available operator take the transferred call.

Transfer To Campaign Operator can transfer the received call to another campaign. Ex: Sales operator transfer the call to Billing Campaign for completion of sale/billing.

Transfer To TPV Third Party Verification is a process of connecting/transferring customer call with specialist for confirmation matter.

Conference This function helps operator to add their Supervisor/Team lead into call for any assistance matter.

View Knowledge Base Operator see knowledge base upon login on their screen, helps them as operator script during call.

Click And Dial Ability to call the customer from CRM directly when click on phone number.

Quick Disposition Shows button for call disposition used very frequently.

Call Disposition Shows list of all call disposition on operator terminal.

Scheduled Callback Set auto-callback for customer unable to speak with operator. System dial the callback on time scheduled by operator.

Callback Reminder Gives reminder notification on operator screen for upcoming scheduled callback.

Self Callback Give the callback to same operator who called previously.

Internal Chat In-built chat function of system which helps operators to communicate with their team members.

Internal Chat Broadcast To broadcast the message to all operators. Very helpful tool for campaign manager to convey message to all operators.

Pop-Up On CRM Comes with light-weight CRM that pop-up on operator screen filled with customer information such as Name, address and contact details.

Modify Value On Fields Highly customizable CRM and easy modification of CRM fields.

Validation On Fields CRM validate the data filled by operator to avoid inaccuracy.

Search by Number On CRM Customer information can be searched via Phone number of other parameters.

Integration With 3rd Party App & DB Integration with third party crm is available on-Demand. Salesforce and SugarCRM has already been integrated.

Multi-Media Support Multi-media functions (such as Fax / SMS / Email / SNS) are available on-Demand.

Skype Connect Integration with Skype to connect with mobile and Landline worldwide at low rates.