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Name Summary

User Log In GUI is available for IT personal to manage the system level configurations.

Ringing Time Control the customer phone answer timeout per campaign basis.

Call Context Each campaign can be setup with common or different Outbound gateway.

Define Call Disposition Call Disposition are useful to tag each call and makes it easy to look up. IT personal can create multiple call disposition per campaign.

Define Break Reason Operators can see the available break reason setup by IT personal here.

TPV Settings Frequent transfer-to phone number can be created here to minimize operators effort.

Copy Settings Of Call Context This button copy the standard configuration and ease the process of creating outbound gateway.

Dialing Prefix Config Dialing prefix can be set and change on-the-fly without any intervention.

Multi-Tenant Ability to manage multiple call centers within one server

Nodeflow Designer Another In-house designer to create any extent of IVR for Inbound campaign.