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Name Summary

ACD Automatic call distributor - Automatically distributes the calls among operators based on customer preference and business rules.

Transfer to TPV Enables operators to transfer calls to a pre-defined 3rd party number with just one click.

LRU Routing Helps to increase/utilize operator productivity by distributing Incoming call to operator whose last call received interval is longer that others.

Round Robin In Round Robin algorithm, Incoming call are routed to operator one by one manner.

Number Based This function helps to Identify customer phone and route the call to particular operator/team. Ex: VIP customer connects to an operator without hearing the welcome greetings.

Skill Based It is a call-assignment strategy to assign incoming calls to the most suitable operator, instead of simply choosing the next available operator.

VIP Routing Identify customer phone to route on particular campaign or group of operator. Example : VIP customer connects to an operator without hearing the regular IVR greetings.

Music Plays While Waiting In Queue Plays custom voice greetings to customer until operators become available.