Our company IPS, Inc. be come partner with Drishti-Soft Solutions Pvt on November, 2013 with the challenge of introducing Ameyo All-In-One call center solution in to Japan market. The product development result called AmeyoJ has officially released in January, 2014.


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Our company estarted on October 1991. And our main bussiness include; Network service for Local and Overseas Telecom Companies, International Calling Service for foreign residents, IPTV Broadcasting Service with TV programs of entertainment and live news and Caregivers’ School and Services for Filipinos.



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Drishti-Soft is an innovator of Contact Center Software and Enterprise Communications Applications. Working in the domain of customer interactions management solutions, Drishti has consistently delivered futuristic applications to un-complicate communications. Call Center Solutions from Drishti is powering millions of Inbound, Outbound and Blended interactions across the globe.




IPS has made it a point to keep itself abreast not only as a service provider but also a company who knows how to provide solutions to what the clients need. However, for over two decades that we have been in existence, our company has experienced setbacks and barriers and through the years we have been able to learn, adjust and overcome all these by being true to our mission and vision.

For the past 20 years IPS, has committed itself to building a robust telecommunication infrastructure and has grown into a full-pledged globalized company despite the existence of the BIG players in the industry.

Having learned the ropes, IPS mission for the next decade is to share its expertise to potential and interested players in this industry.

IPS is more than willing to impart what we have, our facilities, our network, our people because we want the telecom industry to grow with more players.